Ever heard of POETS Day? If not, you probably are not living somewhere in Australia or United Kingdom. The abbreviation stands for “Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday.” Friday, the fifth day of the quotes about smiling, is not a favorite just because it is commonly the last day of work but it is also the best day where a lot of amazing things and events happen. Remember Black Friday Sale where you shop til you drop.



How about Good Friday which is the Friday before Easter where we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus. Maybe you like Casual Fridays at work where you navigate away from your usual formal attire at work and choose to wear something more comfortable. Here we have collected Funny and Happy Friday Quotes.

1. TGIF.

2. Fri-Day.

3. Happy Friday.
4. Aloha Friday.

5. Happy Friday.

6. Just breathe.

7. I love Friday.

8. I Friday had a face, I would kiss it.2

9. Let’s stay home.

10. Friday, I’m in love.1

11. I don’t do casual Fridays.

12. It’s Friday and I’m thirsty.1

13. Hands up if you love Fridays.2

14. Friday! Finally, I made it.

15. I know everyday is a gift but where are the receipts for Mondays? I want to return it for another Friday.

16. Friday is here. Let’s do this.

17. It’s Friday baby.

18. It’s Friday bitches.

19. Relax y’all. It’s Friday.

20. Happy Fri-yay!

21. I love a wild Friday night.

22. I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too. Thursday I don’t care about you. It’s Friday I’m in love mother daughter quotes.

23. Change your thoughts and you change your world.

24. Don’t be afraid to fail; Be afraid not to try1.

25. May your Friday sparkle.

26. Friday is my second favorite “F” word.

27. Today is the perfect day to be happy.

28. I haven’t been this excited about Friday since last Friday.

29. Start the day with a smile and end it with a champagne.

30. Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous.

31. Make today ridiculously amazing.

32. Today is a multiple cups of coffee kind of day.

33. Oh Friday, let me hug you.